March 2012 - Client, a college student, was allegedly abusive towards his girlfriend, who filed for a civil protection order. The attorney negotiated a favorable agreement with the lawyer for the young woman prior to the hearing.

May 2012 – Client was charged with assault against a significant other. The attorney negotiated a favorable plea deal with the prosecutor, and the client obtained probation, some anger management classes, and a fine. Client was facing up to six months in jail.

June 2012 – Client, a CDL holder, was charged with various traffic offenses, including reckless operation. Took the case to trial, where the citing officer neglected to show up. Case dismissed.

July 2012 – Client was charged with a seventh lifetime DUI. After reviewing discovery, the attorney obtained a very favorable plea deal: the client received no jail time. Instead, the client received probation, a fine, and mandatory AA meetings.

July 2012 – Client charged with driving under OVI suspension, facing 3 – 180 days in jail, and immobilization of his vehicle if convicted. After negotiating with the prosecutor, client received a reduced charge with no jail time. Instead, client received probation, a fine and AA meetings. His vehicle was released with conditions.

July 2012 – Client was arrested and charged with his second DUI in 2 years. After filing a motion to suppress evidence and subpoenaing various police officers and Township officials, the charge was reduced to a reckless operation with probation and a fine. Client got his license back the next day.

August 2012 – Client charged with felony breaking and entering. Client had a previous felony record, but after reviewing discovery and negotiating with the prosecutor on the case, the client received probation and a fine.

September 2012 – Client charged with felony drug possession. After filing motions to suppress evidence, successfully argued to have client enrolled in an intervention in lieu of conviction program. Upon successful completion of the program, the charges against the client will be dismissed.

October 2012 – Client charged with child endangerment and faced a $1000 fine and six months in jail. At the arraignment, successfully negotiated a plea bargain where the charge was reduced to disorderly conduct, which is a minor misdemeanor. Client only had to pay a small fine, court costs, and was required to make a small charitable donation.

November 2012 – Client was charged with felony drug possession. After filing suppression motions, the client was enrolled in intervention in lieu of conviction and will have all charges dismissed upon the successful completion of the intervention program.

December 2012 – Client sued in a high-profile defamation case, including coverage by the New York Times, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Steubenville Herald Star, CNN, San Francisco Chronicle, and other media outlets. After vigorous motion practice, successfully negotiated a dismissal of all claims in return for the opportunity for one of the Plaintiffs to post a statement on client’s blog.

Please remember that past successes may not be indicative of future outcomes. Ethically, no guarantees can be madea because each individual case is different. Each new set of facts demands a unique approach to the case.

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