Hear what previous clients have to say about Seeley, Savidge, Ebert & Gourash Co., L.P.A.:

Thomas Haren was/is the perfect legal representative for me and my family – totally trustworthy! Although Tom is young, his knowledge, skills and ability to negotiate the court system was very impressive. He was inquisitive and thoughtful in our consultations. Bottom line, he got my sentence reduced to a minor charge which is why I hired him, and did so in a friendly, efficient and enthusiastic way. I’d gladly recommend him.


Attorney Haren showed what a lawyer with the clients best interest truly at heart. The advice granted and dedication to the case allowed for an even better outcome then expected. Charges were lowered if not dropped all together due to Tom’s dedication to detail and passion for what he does. I won’t seek elsewhere, I’ve dealt with lawyers in the past and having someone actually care, there’s no comparison. Additionally Thomas’s versatilitiy allows for additional advice to always be on point.


I have just recently been a client of Thomas G. Haren’s and I have never had an attorney work so hard for me. He was court-appointed and in my experience court-appointed attorneys do as little as possible for the money they are paid. Years ago I had a top dollar attorney on retainer with a big reputation, and I can tell you he couldn’t hold a candle to Thomas G. Haren. Unfortunately, I have been through the criminal court process many times and Thomas G. Haren represented me better than any attorney I have had previously. He made me feel he truly cared about me and my well-being. If I should need a criminal attorney in the future, I want Thomas G. Haren at my side because I know he’s got my back.


Please remember that each case is different, and past case results do not guarantee a similar outcome on future cases. You should contact Thomas Haren at (216) 566-8200 to make an appointment for a free consultation to decide if Haren Law, LLC is the right firm for you and your family, rather than make a decision solely based on this website.